Extractor of plant essences

We manufacture a biostimulant from wood and we share with you our expertise in research and extraction of plant essences.

About us…

BOISVALOR, founding vision: an agriculture based on maximum efficacy of inputs and cropping optimisation for a modern and eco-friendly agriculture.

After 15 years of public research with ENSAT (Agricultural Engineering School of Toulouse) on plant and wood extract substances, an R&D team founded BOISVALOR in order to run the use of a specific patented extract process.

From 2004, BOISVALOR has set up its R&D laboratory and production site in Albi.

Our core purpose portfolio is:

  • > biostimulants for crops
  • > seed coating,
  • > plant molecules extraction without solvent,
  • > R&D services.
  • 29 International publications
  • 15 Years of public research
  • 10 Years of private research


A unique & patented process!

Result of a 25 years of research collaboration with ENSA Toulouse, our registered solution is in line with modern and sustainable agriculture issues: SHB. Thanks to its double effect on soil and plant, it enhances soil fertility and helps plants against abiotic stresses in order to increase potential crop performances.

Seed coating…

Recognised expertise.

We have developed a seed coating expertise with seed companies. Our three ranges allow a global and differentiated approach on all type of seeds.



We have our own laboratory.

We supply a full range of expertise and services thanks to the scientific background of BOISVALOR. We have developed our know-how on all our expertise.



    Raw material screening. Formulation & agronomic tests with seed coating.



    Development of new extract processes for third party companies.



    Quality control on all our products. AFNOR (French Association for Normalisation/Standardisation) In Vitro tests in order to check efficacy of biostimulants.



    Development of new biostimulant molecules.



Numerous scientific publications in specialised reviews.

Recognised scientific player, we carry our researches out in our laboratory and we contract partnership with research centres where we test our innovations.


“Effects of humic substances derivated from organic waste valorization on growth and mineral nutrition of maize”

Bioresource Technology, 99, 4206-4212


“Direct effects of humic substance like on growth and nutrition of various species”


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