In a nut shell…

We offer registered and pending vegetal origin biostimulants !

Extracted from wood and plants, certified untreated, our products are natural molecules allowed on organic farming.

  • liquid

  • solid



enhance root development

increase speed and rate germination

improve mineral nutrition

sustained GROWTH

increase the yield

improve use of water

increase the potential blooming


The efficacy of our biostimulants on yield has been demonstrated and proven.


Our manufacturing process…

Based on thermal and mechanical phenomenon under inert pressure.

Our biostimulants are made by a physical chemistry degradation of homogeneous lignocellulosic raw material. Thanks to this manufacturing process, patented (FR2006/002602), our solutions are reproducible and characterised.

In detail…

is a foliar & root biostimulant.

It improves chemical fertility of soil and optimises plant nutrition.

Helping root development, it enhances crop establishment.

Finally, it boosts intense and early blooming and allows plants to optimise water resources.


Registration number 1120001

  • seed treatment
  • foliar spray
  • fertigation

is a fibre solid biostimulant.

Latest and new for green manure, our wood fibres, rich in SHB, are an excellent growing media.

  • soil application
  • blend with fertiliser